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To Train Treks

Allow us to introduce you to the world’s coolest form of travel - which takes you to the worlds hottest destinations - interrailing! This website is for interrailers everywhere to come and learn all about interrailing, share their own interrail knowledge, and hopefully plan some sick treks all over the European continent.

So you're not exactly sure what interrailing is? - Well you should!.. but we'll tell you anyway! Or maybe you've just got back and you really need to share your awesome photos and stories? We have a blog for that! Or you're leaving tomorrow, and your clothes are everywhere, and you think you've forgotten to pack socks, but do you need socks and ohmygod where is your phone charger?! Calm down. Don't take it out on your mum. We've all been there. Whether your adventure is just about to begin or you've just got back, now you have that first and last essential stop on your journey.

How To Plan

A step-by-step guide to planning the perfect European trek.

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Where To Go

Our snazzy interactive map for picking those must-visit cities.

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what to pack

What To Pack

The packing chart that's essential for anyone with a backpack and a headache.

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  • Metropolitan Mindset

    Did You Know? London isn't the only city big and bad enough to require a complex system of trains like the Underground - which, as Londoners, we found quite surprising.

  • Foodie Box

    This weeks European delight is Turkish Delight. Yes, 96% of Turkey is in Asia, but that other 4% is all European. And this particular dish, when bought fresh, is delightful!

  • Two Days In Paris

     Our blonde trio managed to whisk around most of the major attractions in the 5th largest city in the world in just 1.5 days. The other 0.5 was spent nursing their poor feet because at first they tried to walk.