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If you're wondering what the hell interrailing is then allow us to blow your mind.

EURail and Interrail are joint companies that supply train passes, which allow you to travel on most trains in up to 30 countries across Europe.The prices are a bit higher if you're from outside Europe but overall for what you can do with it it's worth every penny!

Depending on how many countries you want the pass to cover and how long you want the pass to last will alter the cost of the pass.

Below is a rough guide to Global Pass and one country pass prices.



Pass Prices

(Please note: the prices below were correct at the time of publication and are only applicable to the youth passes for people aged 12 - 25. This information may be subject to change.)

To get a better idea of the passes and their uses take a look on the websites: www.interrailnet.com for Europeans or: www.eurail.com for outside of Europe

Interrail Global Pass

5 Days in 10 Days £158

10 Days in 22 Days £231

15 Days £267

22 Days £295

1 Month £379

EURail Global Pass (23 Countries)

10 Days in 2 Months €435 ($595 USD)

15 Days in 2 Months €571 ($782 USD)

15 Days €369 ($505 USD)

21 Days €476 ($652 USD)

1 Month €586 ($802 USD)

2 Months €825 ($1,130 USD)

3 Months €1,018 ($1, 394 USD)

Interrail One Country Pass (23 Countries)

3 Days in 1 Month From £34

4 Days in 1 Month From £47

6 Days in 1 Month From £66

8 Days in 1 Month From £74

EURail One Country Pass (23 Countries)

3 Days in 1 Month From €37 ($50 USD)

4 Days in 1 Month From €52 ($71 USD)

6 Days in 1 Month From €73 ($100 USD)

8 Days in 1 Month From €88 ($120 USD)

Be Spon-train-eous

Who needs plans? You just want to go and explore! So you buy yourself a pass, pick a date to leave, grab your toothbrush (and bank card) and off you go!

You hunt around in each place you visit to find yourself a hotel/hostel/ campsite with room, and you pick your next destination as you're about to leave!

Warning: this type of interrailing is not for the obsessive compulsives among us. Even with all the technology on our sides these days, the thought of having to change plans at the very last minute because of nowhere to stay is enough to cause severe distress amongst planners.

In terms of preparation there isn't much needed for this sort of trip. In fact, that's kind of the point! 

You know what to pack and how to stay safe and the rest is down to you. Go be spontaneous!

Have A Game Plan

Much like option one, you need to know how to stay safe and pack a backpack before you leave... but that's about it in terms of similarities.

This sort of interrailing takes a little more research and a lot more pre-booking, as you need to book any places you'd like to stay, or popular things you might want to do, ahead of time.

Luckily, us here at TrainTreks did it exactly like this and now we know all the dos and don'ts, ups and downs, ins and outs, pros and cons... you get the picture. So now all you travellers who like a bit of planning (or just want to know what the hell you're doing) have an outlet for your panic and a place to find some answers.

So, to summarise, interrailing is basically hopping on and off all different types of trains and waking up in all different sorts of countries. Not your average day at the office.

How exactly do you plan an interrailing trip like this, we hear you wondering? Use out guide on How To Plan