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TrainTreks is the product of a trip across Europe in the summer of 2012, when three girls planned the ultimate European TrainTrek. Hitting 12 countries, and over 30 different cities, in the space of just 6 weeks!

Setting up a trip like this took a lot of heavy planning. So, when it was all over, we agreed it would have been much nicer not to have all the hassle of planning beforehand.

Thus, TrainTreks was born...

Blonde #1

And don't let anyone tell you otherwise! Kayleigh is a law grad that has never been one for sticking around. You'll tend to find Kayleigh here, in London working hard, there, in Europe city hopping, and everywhere! Ski instructing in Canada, wandering across new cities and enjoying life’s travels.

As a law nerd, Kayleigh feels it necessary to inform you that she cannot be held liable for any travel bugs caught whilst visiting this site.



Blonde #2

Our resident photographer, typographist, general creative, and true voice of reason is Sasha, and Sasha is no stranger to TrainTrekking! She trekked her way across Europe with Blondes #1 and #3 (and has also trekked across South America!) As a result of her travels, Sasha now has a wealth of travel stories, pictures and horrific mental images from that one nudist beach...

Being Canadian, Sasha is known for guzzling maple syrup, slapping peanut butter on anything, saying 'aye', or talking to her friends - the mooses.

Blonde #3

Ahh our favourite blonde. Lydia completed her Psychology degree and then sod off with us to Europe. She can usually be found lost in the back streets of various countries and, without consulting a map, can quickly become disoriented and may cause destruction... or burst into tears.

Upon hearing that, for the 8,574 miles we travelled this summer, we could have gone all the way to Hawaii, Lydia responded "So why didn't we?!"


The Lad

The Lad

The final piece of the TrainTreks puzzle is the hunk that is Matt Dronfield. He likes to call himself the "Brand Consultant", and believes his masculinity adds a little something to the team dynamic. We like to call him the 'lad'.

No comment on the masculinity part.