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What's interrailing?

Interrailing is when you pay a set price for a train ticket, called an “InterrailPass”, which covers your train travel for a specified amount of time throughout one or several countries in Europe.

How does it work?

You purchase your Interrail Pass from the Interrail website and then, if you want to plan ahead, you book up your accommodation, train reservations , flights, etc.
Or you can just travel spontaneously! (As soon as your pass starts, of course.)

Does the Pass cover every country in Europe?

No. At the moment the Interrail Pass covers 30 countries in Europe in total however it has added several countries over the past few years, and chances are the countries you most want to vis it are covered. You can, however, always check www.interrail.co.uk if you aren't sure.

Does the Pass include all of the trains in the covered countries?

Apart from those in your resident country, the Pass covers your travel on all train services across participating countries although for some you may have to pay a small supplement fee if you want to make seat reservations.

The only exception to this is travel on city metro systems.

How much does a Pass cost?

There are several different options when purchasing a Pass which range from one for a single country, to one which covers all 30. You can also get different length passes. Have a look at our Pass price guides to find out more or check out the interrail website for an exact price of the pass you would like.

Can I get an Interrail Pass if I live outside of Europe?

Yes you can! It's called an EURail Pass and it works almost exactly the same as an Interrail Pass but it’s a tad more expensive and covers 24 countries instead of 30.

As we mentioned before, chances are the places you want to travel within Europe will also be covered by the EURail Pass.

What type of Interrail Pass will I need?

That depends an awful lot on where you want to go, how long you want to go, and how many times you want to travel by train.

If it’s only one country you are interested in travelling, then you could purchase a One Country Pass. That would cover your train travel within that country for as long as you decide.

If it's more than one country you want to visit you may need a Global Pass, which would cover your travel in up to 30 European countries. Or, if purchasing an EURail Pass, you could buy a Select pass or a Regional Pass, which can cover up to 5 neighbouring countries.

All passes require you to choose how long you would like the pass to last, based on how long you will be travelling and how often you wish to travel by train.

Can I go interrailing for longer than a month?

Yes. To travel for longer than a month you just need to purchase a second pass which commences right after the expiry of your first.

How far in advance can I book my Interrail Pass?

You can buy an Interrail pass up to 3 months before the start date of the pass.

What kind of extra fees will I need to pay on top of my Interrail Pass?

There are no hidden fees in purchasing a pass. There is a free shipping option and the Pass Loss & Theft cover is left as optional (but we HIGHLY recommend it!) You will, however, need to pay a small reservation fee whenever you book to travel on specific high speed trains or sleeper trains .

These fees are the same for both EURail and Interrail Pass holders, and can range all the way from 25 Cents up to 70 Euro’s. Although, the price rarely comes above 15 Euro’s, the higher end reservations are for the scenic trains in Switzerland and some high speed international trains.

Sleeper train fares vary from just a seat, which can cost as little as 3 Euro’s, up to single sleeper cabins which can cost up to 128 Euro’s. If you are travelling with other people, you will find most sleeper cabins cost no more than 70 Euro’s each.

For all your specific reservation costs (in case you want to work it out ahead of travelling) vis it the Reservation Fee’s section of the Interrail website.

What if my Interrail Pass gets stolen or lost

Be aware that, if your Pass is lost, it is non-replaceable. Therefore, make sure you are prepared to pay for new tickets in order to continue travelling.

If you have Pass Loss and Theft Cover, which you can select when you purchase a Pass, Interrail will reimburse your extra travel costs should you lose your pass. Always report the loss to the Police immediately, and we recommend buying a new Pass, to save the hassle of cancelling reservations and buying single tickets .

Also, see our handy Worst Case Scenario Advice in our Safety section to prepare yourself should the worst occur.

What is a "travel day"?

A travel day is the 24hr period from midnight to midnight on the day you choose to travel us ing your Pass. You can use your Pass once or more than once, as long as the journeys are all taken within that specific time frame.

If you take a night train that leaves after 7pm, and arrives at it’s end destination after 4am, you only need to log the arrival date as a travel day. All free night ferries also only require you to log one travel day.

So, choose wisely when you want to make your travels as you might be able to save a few travel days on your Pass.

Do I need to make train reservations?

This depends on which cities you are travelling between and how fast you want to get to each place, as you may be able to use local or regional trains. But, if you want to travel a great distance, using local trains could take a lot longer.

Chances are, you will need to make at leas t one train reservation on your journey. To find out if your train requires a reservation check the Reservation Fee’s section of the Interrail website.

Can I use my pass on the Eurostar?

Your pass will not allow you to travel for free on the Eurostar. It will, however, give you a discount known as a ‘Pass Holder Fare’ which you can purchase by calling the Eurostar booking center, or getting one directly from of the Eurostar Terminals .

Who is writing the travel diary entries?

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The rest of our photos were taken by the other two members of our travel team: Kayleigh and Lydia. You might hear about them from time to time in Sasha’s diary entries!

If you have any questions about traveling/interrailing our travel team are always the ones to answer them, and they know their stuff!

Best places in Europe for graffiti?

Berlin is definitely one of the best, it’s all over the Berlin wall which is awesome! Surprisingly, all along the train tracks in Rome you’ll see some pretty cool graffiti too.

The Paris Metro trains are covered in it and they are incredible! Plus, not to be bias towards our home town but head into Shoreditch in London and you will always see some slick street art, and it changes every day!