• Safety

Safety Rule No1:

Keep Copies Of


Photocopy the details of your important documents (interrail pass, insurance, passport etc.) and put them into an envelope. On the envelope write any emergency numbers you might need if you lose the original documents, for quick reference. Keep this in a secure place separate from the originals.

Useful Tip! If you are traveling with another person we suggest putting an envelope like this in their backpack too. Just in case your backpack disappears...

Extra Useful Tip! Email the scanned documents to yourself just in case it all goes tits-up and you lose everything! That way at least you know your documents are safe in an email account you can access anywhere.

Keep your bag at the front of your body so you can see it, and so it is touching your body at all times. Your interrail ticket and passport should be kept in a safe inside pocket, as you will need to get them out regularly.

Useful Tip! Your traveller's documents that you don't need on your person should be stowed somewhere obscure in your backpack so only by removing the backpack from your back can they be accessed.

Safety Rule No2:

Protect Your


Safety Rule No3:

Be Aware Of Your


Don't do anything you wouldn't do at home, like wander down dark alleys or just generally act without thinking. Be streetwise and try not to look like a raving tourist (especially when you're wearing a giant backpack!)

Make sure you split up your credit cards, ID, and money. We suggest, before you leave, you put a credit card and some emergency cash in the document envelope you are hiding in your backpack. Do this find its too late and you're left with nothing!

Safety Rule No4:

Split Up Your


Safety Rule No5:

Send All Your
Emergency Numbers
To Your Parents


That way all it takes is one call home and your parents can do the rest for you.


Worst Case Scenario Advice

No one wants to hear about the bad things that could happen, and everyone thinks there's no way it’s going to happen to them. But it could, and if it does; this is what you need to do:

1) DON'T PANIC. It doesn't help.

2) Call home and get someone to call round cancelling whatever's been stolen, informing banks, insurance companies and anyone else as quickly as possible.

3) Find out where the nearest police station or embassy is and go straight there. As harsh as it sounds and as much as you'd like some, don't expect too much sympathy from anyone.

4) Tell them what's happened. Ask for advice on collect calls, getting money out, getting home.